Erotic Ambiguities

Mystic shadows, human bodies reduced to its outlines, mysterious creatures, which evolve out of mirror reflections – and the recurring female body. Pierre Joel’s photographs are erotic ambiguities. With his sympolic and partly surrealistic work, he devotes himself to the mystery of the human body: Without taboo nudity is thereby his mean of expression on his fotografic journey. He stages women more as seducing icons or sometimes as frail creatures, which always keep being ambigous and unobtainable.

Pierre Joel experiments with  the body as well as the medium itself. He renounces digital image editing and goes back to the roots and to the pioneers of fotografy: By using mirrors, window panes, reflecting plates and other materials, he achieves the for his work charakteristic effects. In this way, his pictures achieve a mystic charisma and authenticity – which make his work unique.

Stefanie Kinsky, Journalist