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Made as an act for my art, because each sale photo allows me to reinvest in new projects. Currently I need to cover urgently the expenses of my next exhibition in Glasgow.


In this festive period I makes a very special price on my prints.

Photo size : 20cm x 30cm printed on Crystal Archive paper, with signature for € 100 including shipping.

Payment can be by bank transfer or Paypal.


Choice of photos available below:


Contact me by email for details.


All photos of the website can be gained.
The price depends on the size of the photo, the lot number and Printing material.


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Dear friends of art.
For many years I make all my works at my expense.
2013 was a great creative year with organizing numerous exhibitions for 2014, but 2013 was also a financial disaster.


If you like my art, or just of sympathy, you can make a Donation of a few Euros so that I do not have to cancel my exhibitions or my creations.


In January I have an exhibition in Glasgow I’d have to cancel if I can not cover the costs


Many thanks.


You can make the payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: DE58 1005 0000 6015 6176 49


Or via PayPal to the following account:

Collaboration with Patrick Grainville !

For the middle of December I can already announce the publication of an article in the webzine “les éditions du Faune” about the relationship of my photos of the octopus with the novel “The kiss of the octopus” from Patrick Grainville.

New galleries online!

News in “Special effects” and “Self-portrait” as well as the new series “Fetishism”; “Photomontage”; “Portrait” and “Others”. Many great photos to discover!

The Octopus

Making an octopus for my photo shoots ! It took me about 200 hours …

gas mask filled with cotton wool.

Fabric tentacles filled with cotton wool and iron wire. Thanks Maria for sewing.

the tentacles are sewn on the mask.

First layer of latex with colour.

After 5 layers of latex with colour, the first step is finished !

The second stage begins ! paste, one by one, the suction cups…

The cups are made from plastic pipes of different sizes, cut into slices.

Filling intervals with latex.

After 200 hours, here is the result.